Eugène Dumez letter, 1864 February 13

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Creator:Dumez, Eugène, 1824-1878
Title:Eugène Dumez letter, 1864 February 13

Letter from Eugène Dumez, St. Just, France, to Henry Vignaud reports De Leons dismissal and fears the loss the Opinions support along with the Sicles. He asks about an old companion in misery in Kansas and whether or not the Mmorial is still being subsidized. He chides Vignaud for not having seen Chavanne and Rameau. Dumez states that Chavanne is on good terms with Delamarre (which proved beneficial for Lefranc) as well as Havin and that Rameau could introduce the addressee to Jules Duval, editor of the Journal des Economistes. He again encourages the recipients seeing Aucaigne. He refers to Lefrancs writing in the Herald and the Daily News during the Attakapas campaign. Dumez reports that one of his friends (an ultra-federalist Jew married to a Protestant) who was still an editor for the Presse the previous year has returned hastily to New Orleans and surmises as to the reason. He explains the Martin Affair again and refers to Supervielles ruining a woman. Dumez thanks Vignaud for issues of the Autographe and the Revue Nouvelle and requests more. He mentions Boulet at the end. In French.

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