Eugène Dumez letter, 1863 January 6

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Creator:Dumez, Eugène, 1824-1878
Title:Eugène Dumez letter, 1863 January 6

Letter from Eugène Dumez, St. Just, France, to Henry Vignaud relating his opinion that the progress of Confederate arms is worth more than the good dispositions of the French government and states that the little that the Sicle reports on the subject shows how the Southern cause is helped by Lees activities. He believes that if Southern successes continue, diplomacy will bring about peace. Dumez observes that French industry is suffering from a lack of cotton and that workers are unaware of the source of their misery, which they attribute to the French government. He states that the French bourgeoisie base their opinions on the Sicle, which is biased against the South, and offers the example of a well versed doctor (and friend of Dr. Alexandre Landry of St. Martinville), who, despite Dumezs attempts to disperse prejudices formed by reading the Sicle, hopes for a Northern victory. Dumez perceives that all parties are against the French government and that even priests preach against the Empire. He wants to return to Louisiana, but obstacles prevent him. He mentions Lefranc, the Renaissance, the Estafette, E. Lamulonire, and Mallard. In a postscript, Dumez extends his regards to the Slidell family and asks if Vignaud has seen Lematre, Chevalier, and [Erillard?}. In French.

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