Malseed Family letters

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Creator:Thornton, Linda
Title:Malseed Family letters

These are the family letters and other documents collected or copied by Robert A. Malseed of Albuquerque, New Mexico, great-great-grandson of Andrew Malseed. These documents include a contract for army boots given to John Malseed by the Republic of Texas in 1839; letters from Andrew Malseed to his wife Eliza Shubert Malseed while in the Union army in 1861; orders and letters to Andrew Malseed during his service as a Union officer in 1863-1864, together with a muster-out role for Malseed's battalion in 1864; Civil War letters from Garrett Shubert to his sisters Eliza Malseed and Georgianna Gillitt; Civil War letters from Henry Shubert to his wife Eliza Shubert and sisters Eliza Malseed and Georgianna Gillitt; and several letters addressed to Georgianna Gillitt from before and after the Civil War, including an 1853 letter from the noted abolitionist Samuel D. Hastings. John Malseed (1790-1861), a shoemaker, immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1821. His son, Andrew Malseed (1825-1872), served two terms in the Union army during the Civil War, as a 90-day volunteer in 1861 and as a first lieutenant and aide-de-camp to Major General Franz Sigel in Pennsylvania for six months in 1863-1864. Andrew Malseed married Eliza Shubert (1832-1882). Eliza Shubert Malseed's brother Garrett Shubert (1829-1906) served as a Union home guard and state militia member in Missouri during the war, and her brother Henry Shubert (1831-1895) served as a Union soldier in a Missouri regiment. Eliza Shubert Malseed also had a sister, Georgianna Shubert Gillitt (1835-1924).

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Subjects:Malseed, John, 1790-1861 | Malseed, Andrew, 1825-1872 | Malseed, Eliza Shubert, 1832-1882 | Shubert, Garrett, 1829-1906 | Shubert, Henry, 1831-1895 | Gillitt, Georgianna Shubert, 1835-1924 | Hastings, Samuel D. (Samuel Dexter), 1816-1903 | United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865 | Hastings, Samuel D. (Samuel Dexter), 1816-1903--Correspondence | United States
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