General Orlando M. Poe Collection, 1836-ca. 1890 All Items

1.Gen. Robert Anderson, U.S.A. (Fort Sumpter [sic]). | XML
2.Gen. John Pope, U.S.A. Corps of Topogr. Engin. | XML
3.Gen. John C. Frémont, U.S.A. Corps of Topogr Engin. | XML
4.Register of the officers of the army of the United States. | Homans, Benjamin, 1765-1823 | XML
5.Gen. Manning F. Force, U.S.A. | XML
6.Gen. Rufus King, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers | XML
7.Gen. G. K. Warren, U.S.A. | XML
8.Gen. Geo. W. Morell, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
9.Gen. Wm. F. Smith ("Baldy"), U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
10.Gen. John Newton U.S.A. Corps of Engineers | XML
11.Cadet O. M. Poe's Military Academy account book. | XML
12.Cadet Poe's delinquencies and demerits. | XML
13.Hook used to destroy railroad iron. | Moliter, E. (lithographer) | XML
14.Gen. John W. Turner, U.S.A. | XML
15.Gen. L. A. Grant, U.S.A. | XML
16.Gen. Lew Wallace, U.S.A. | XML
17.Gen. Geo. W. West, U.S.A. | XML
18.Gen. James H. Wilson, U.S.A. | XML
19.Gen. J. G. Barnard, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
20.Gen. Amos B. Eaton, U.S.A. | XML
21.Gen. C.K. Graham, U.S.A. | XML
22.Gen. George Crook, U.S.A. | XML
23.Gen. H. G. Wright, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
24.Gen. George G. Meade, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
25.Gen. P. St. Geo. Cooke, U.S.A. | XML
26.Gen. George M. Love, U.S.A. | XML
27.Gen. R.S. Satterlee, U.S.A. | XML
28.Gen. S. B. Holabird, U.S.A. | XML
29.Gen. L. H. Rousseau, U.S.A. | XML
30.Gen. U. S. Grant, U.S.A. (at Vicksburgh [sic]). | XML
31.Gen. Henry W. Benham, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
32.Gen. E. R. S. Canby, U.S.A. | XML
33.Gen. Nelson Cross, U.S.A. | XML
34.Gen. N. P. Chipman, U.S.A. | XML
35.Gen. E. O. C. Ord, U.S.A. | XML
36.Gen. O. M. Poe, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
37.Gen. Geo. D. Ruggles, U.S.A. | XML
38.Gen. Charles Griffin, U.S.A. | XML
39.Gen. E. P. Gaines, U.S.A. | Brady, Mathew B., ca. 1823-1896 (photographer) | XML
40.Gen. James L. Donaldson, U.S.A. | XML
41.Gen. Samuel J. Crawford, U.S.A. | XML
42.Gen. Joseph Hooker, U.S.A. | XML
43.Gen. Isaac I. Stevens, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
44.Gen. D. C. Mc Callum, U.S.A. | XML
45.Gen. W. P. Carlin, U.S.A. | XML
46.Gen. Benjn. Harrison, U.S.A. | XML
47.Gen. H. A. Barnum, U.S.A. | XML
48.Gen. [sic] Ulric Dahlgren, U.S.A. | XML
49.Gen. C.C. Andrews, U.S.A. | XML
50.Gen. R. S. Foster, U.S.A. | XML
51.Gen. Thomas H. Hubbard, U.S.A. | XML
52.Gen. E. W. Serrell, U.S.A. | XML
53.Gen. William E. Strong, U.S.A. | XML
54.Gen. D. B. Sackett. | XML
55.Gen. Francis C. Barlow, U.S.A. | XML
56.Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
57.Gen. W. T. Clarke [sic], U.S.A. | XML
58.Gen. Geo. C. Strong, U.S.A. | XML
59.Gen. Richard Busteed, U.S.A. | XML
60.Gen. Robert C. Schenck, U.S.A. | XML
61.Gen. Q. A. Gillmore, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers | XML
62.Gen. Alex. Asboth, U.S.A. | XML
63.Gen. J. F. Knipe, U.S.A. | XML
64.Gen. J. K. F. Mansfield, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
65.Adm. (Capt.) Theodorus Bailey, U.S. Navy. | XML
66.Commodore C. R. P. Rodgers, U.S. Navy. | XML
67.Gen. J. G. Barnard, U.S.A. Corps of Engineers | XML
68.Admiral John A. Dahlgren, U.S. Navy. | XML
69.Admiral S. F. Dupont, U.S. Navy. | XML
70.Admiral D. D. Porter, U.S. Navy. | XML
71.Gen. John Ramsay [sic], U.S.A. | XML
72.Gen. Gustavus W. Smith, C.S.A. Corps of Engineers. | XML
73.Gen. James Longstreet, C.S.A. | XML
74.Gen. John B. Gordon, C.S.A. | XML
75.Gen. B. H. Robertson, C.S.A. | XML
76.Gen. Gustavus W. Smith, C.S.A. Corps of Engineers | XML
77.Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, C.S.A., Corps of Topogr. Engin. U.S.A. | XML
78.Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard, C.S.A. Corps of Engineers U.S.A. | XML
79.Gen. Martin D. Hardin, [Gen.] Wesley Merritt, U.S.A. | XML
80.Ft. Sanders, Knoxville, Tenn. | XML
81.Orlando M. Poe, circa 1890. | XML
82.Gen. Adelbert Ames, U.S.A. | XML
83.Col. O.M. Poe, 2nd Mich. Inf. Vols. | Dillman, Louis (artist) | XML
84.Group of members of the West Point Class of 1856, on the north steps of Cadet Mess-hall building. | XML
85.Gen. E. B. Tyler, U.S.A. | XML
86.Orlando M. Poe, circa 1890. | XML
87.Gen'l W. T. Sherman. | United States. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (engraver) | XML
88.Th : Nast. April 20, 1885. | Sarony, Napoleon, 1821-1896 (photographer) | XML
89.View of the attack on Ford Hindman, Jan. 11th 1863. | XML
90.Gen. J. S. Fullerton, U.S.A. | XML
91.Gen. Geo. L. Andrews. | XML